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Bentley GTC Continental

The Bentley GTC Continental is the ultimate soft top touring machine, combining the prestigious Bentley marque with stunning performance and a very elegant, typically British refinement.

First released in 2003, the GTC Continental comes in a range of models, from thirsty 6.0 litre W12 configurations to a more eco-friendly 4.0 litre V8 which is still capable of outputting 500 bhp from its twin-turbochargers. The more environmentally friendly model has engine technology shared with the Audi A8, and features electronic management systems, and thermal management. Combined with a slick 8 speed gearbox, the drive is now much more refined than in the original models and is surprisingly sporty, offering 0-62 mph in 4.5 seconds.

However, it’s in both looks and interior stylings that the Bentley shines. The twin close-set lights are a Bentley staple, but the introduction of LED highlighters adds a contemporary touch. A black gloss grille and flared spoiler again show that Bentley have very much moved into the 21st Century. The car boasts an exceptional interior, with dark eucalyptus veneers, metallic trim and gear finishes, and sensational soft-touch leather throughout. The car positively screams elegance and class, and looks about as prestigious as you can imagine.

The four-layer soft top is fully automated, and when lowered the drive experience comes alive. Heated seat and neck rests ensure you’ll be comfortable in all temperatures, so there’s little excuse to hide yourself away – the Bentley GTC Continental is best enjoyed on the open road with top down. A true connoisseur’s vehicle!

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