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ferrari hireFerrari Hire

Few makes of luxury car can set the pulse racing like a Ferrari. The Italian manufacturer has been at the pinnacle of supercar creation since its founding by Enzo Ferrari in 1929, and whether you are seeking a once in a lifetime thrill ride or a prestige motor for that special occasion, choosing a Ferrari won’t leave you disappointed.

When you hire a Ferrari, you’re adopting a lifestyle of glamour and sophistication, best exemplified by its famous marques such as the 430 Spider, the classic 328 GTS or the dynamic California supercar. Thanks to its sexy lines and consistently class-leading performances, the Ferrari range has generally been the preserve of the famous and wealthy, from movie stars to top sports icons. The distinctive mid-engined V8 was first introduced in the late 1960’s and has provided Ferrari’s distinctive look and feel ever since, accounting for more than half of the models produced. Even with an increasing number of competitors in the supercar market, few manufacturers can boast the iconic look or feel of the greatest of Italian motoring brands.

Each Ferrari offers a fantastic driving experience, with unbelievable power married to ride handling and sophistication that will leave you breathless. Boasting refinements and elegant touches galore, every Ferrari is a driver’s dream, and each car is ideal to hire for a luxury break, a one off occasion or a fantastic driving experience. Most marques available to hire feature a classic V8 engine and a coupe styling, with power outputs of up to 450 bhp and top speeds approaching 200 mph. Driver comfort and safety isn’t forgotten, with plenty of refinements to make your experience not only memorable but safe!

If you’re after the perfect car for the perfect occasion, try a Ferrari hire experience from Bespokes and live the dream.


Ferrari 458 Spider

Many cars in the prestige hire market are chosen for their looks above all else. If you’re after a car with the ultimate visual appeal, the Ferrari 458 Spider is the choice for you. Supercar hire hits the ultimate refinement with this mid-engine convertible, with its folding metal roof. Marrying high-end Ferrari performance levels with sultry looks, the Spider is one prestige vehicle not to be missed.

Powered by a typically gutsy 4.5 litre V8 engine, this Ferrari hits 0-60 in under 3.3 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 202 mph, impressive in anyone’s eyes. With a dual-clutch 7-speed transmission system, superlative ride handling and responsive steering, the Ferrari 458 Spider provides a secure, yet exhilarating drive that is guaranteed to thrill any driver.

Yet it’s the looks that really sell this car. The interior was designed in conjunction with legendary F1 driver Michael Schumacher, and is laid out similarly to a conventional racecar. It looks sensational from every angle, with each aerodynamic feature perfectly designed to minimise drag and optimise performance. Sitting behind the wheel of the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider with the roof down gives a truly visceral experience. It has received many awards for its styling and performance, including a 2009 “Supercar of the Year” prize and numerous gongs since.


Ferrari 488 GTB

The 488 GTB has taken the crown of the ultimate production series Ferrari. With 660 horse power on tap and a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds the 488 is breathtaking in every sense of the word.

The difference between the 488 and 458 is shocking. Power comes on tap from very low down and 0-100mph is just 6 seconds … In which time if you are brave enough to keep the throttle planted the car has gone from a standstill to the red line in 4th gear!
Exciting cannot begin to describe the GTB.

Even the ride is so much better with a softer more compliant suspension and special tires compared to before.
Featuring the new second generation of the side slip control angle system – developed from the first generation on the 458 Speciale.

The carbon ceramic brakes are lifted directly from the $2million La Ferrari and feature phenomenal stopping power. 9% shorter stopping distances compared to the 458.

The dual clutch transmission is 30-40% faster than the 458 and even smoother.
Ferrari announce the 488 GTB as the most aerodynamic road going Ferrari ever, with active aero.

The interior has also received an upgrade in finish and our car is a beautiful crema with red contrast stitching and full carbon fibre interior package and carbon fibre racing seats.

It is truly stunning with a very fresh and light feeling interior!

The 488 laps Ferrari’s own track Fiorano 1.9 seconds quicker than the phenomenal Enzo and faster than the 458 Speciale.


Ferrari F430 Spider

If Ferrari hire ticks your boxes, then the 430 Spider may just be the ultimate rental for you. This luxury Italian supercar marries ferocious power with the classic Ferrari styling to create a driver’s delight. Perfect for turning heads or simply for your own enjoyment, prestige car rental doesn’t get much more fun than the 430 Spider.

The moment you put the roof down and feel the rush of power, the 430 will captivate you. The Ferrari races to 60 mph in a rapid 4.2 seconds, and can hit a top speed of around 193 mph, making it among the fastest road vehicles available. The roaring V8 engine generates a colossal 483 bhp, and with magnificent handling and aerodynamic performance you’d expect, the Spider is a car which will thrill any driver. Adjustable dampers, and excellent traction and steering control systems combine to make this an effortless drive, even at speed. Cornering is smooth and secure, while the redline acceleration takes your breath away.

With five dynamic drive settings available at the press of a button, the Spider is just one touch away from becoming the snarling supercar of your dreams. Rent this magnificent car today and you’ll experience a drive experience that’s rarely – if ever – surpassed in modern motoring.

Ferrari California T

Ferrari 206 GT (Replica)

The Ferrari Dino was originally commissioned as a ‘lower-budget’ Ferrari aimed at competing with other prestige supercars such as the Porsche 911. Beginning with the V6 models of the 1960s, the Dino marque was developed in conjunction with Fiat and introduced as a concept sports car to compete in a range of events.

After various refinements including radical attempts to develop a mid-engined version, the production model of the 206 GT was introduced in 1968; only 152 models were produced, exclusively as left hand drive vehicles. The car featured electronic ignition (a Ferrari first), a two litre v6 engine and looks to die for. Perhaps the biggest talking point of the car (aside from its renowned brand) was the curvy, seductive appeal of its lines and its timeless elegance; designer Leonardo Fioravanti created a car which oozed class and refinement. Such dramatic visual impact is not in any way diminished almost 50 years later.

The car features a lightweight aluminium body and rack and pinion steering (another Ferrari first). Its interior design is focused around an oval aluminium panel housing an array of black faced dials, and is as stunning inside as externally. As an example of a luxury two seat sports car designed to maximise visual appeal, the Ferrari Dino 206 GT ticks all the boxes.


Ferrari 355 GTS

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