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Lotus Hire

First established in 1952, Lotus is a British motoring giant famed for its lightweight sportscars and proud history. Although it boasts a long association with the national and worldwide racing industry, it also has a proud record in the design and creation of dynamic, sporty two-seaters perfect for the driving enthusiast and thrill-seeker.

The Lotus Elise features high on the list of stunning convertibles, ideal for that special occasion or even for taking to the open road. Its visual look is second to none, featuring a surprisingly tiny frame which positively screams its appeal. Two seater convertible supercars don’t come any more stunning than the Elise. If you hire a Lotus you’re making a definitive statement that you love excitement and one of the best driving experiences available.

The Elise is not only mightily impressive to look at, but features astonishing performance levels from a typical 1.8 litre engine. The Series 1 (S1) model, for example, is a marvel of engineering and can produce a thrill-a-minute ride for any driver, with fantastic acceleration and safe, firm handling. The sister model, the Exige, features a much larger 3.5 litre engine and emits the type of guttual roar you’d expect from a high-end supercar; it races to 60 mph in under 4 seconds with newer models adopting luxury finishes such as heated seats and an enhanced cabin.

The Lotus range is renowned both for the quality of ride and for the sheer visceral excitement behind the wheel; Lotus hire should satisfy any driving enthusiast, whether you’re seeking a great experience on the road or just looking to roll up to that special occasion in grand style.


Lotus Exige S

The Lotus Exige S offers an intensely thrilling ride to rival most cars in its class. Luxury car rental has little to match the excitement of this supercharged 3.5 litre V6, which will power to 60 mph in under 4 seconds and surpass 100 mph in under 10. With Lotus rental, you know you’re getting a premier driving experience, and the Exige S is no exception.

With a distinctive, almost brutal, sound, the Exige S sounds as good as it performs. The interior design and styling complement the car’s purpose well – this is a car that was built for speed and a fast ride, and the interior reflects that. While not the most comfortable car for long journeys, the compact cabin and streamlined layout are perfect for track days or shorter rides, and add to the visceral intensity of the ride. There are still luxury touches, such as heated leather seats and good connectivity, but this is a car that best delivers with its performance.

At low speeds, the ride can feel heavy, but hit the throttle and there’s an almost sublime quality to the drive – the steering is responsive, and the grip is exceptional. Couple the fantastic handling with a beast of an engine, and the Exige S delivers a memorable driving experience in spades.


Lotus Elise R

Lotus Elise Sport S2

Lotus Elise S1

Produced between 1996 and 2001, the Lotus Elise S1 is an iconic marvel of stripped-down, lightweight motor engineering, which looks as fresh and contemporary now as it did on first release. Based around an extruded aluminium chassis, the body consists of composite panels to give the car its stylish appeal and weightless feel, weighing in at just 731kg.

Powered by a 1.8 litre Rover engine which outputs a relatively modest 118 bhp, the Elise S1 is capable of topping 125 mph with rapid acceleration to 60 mph in around 5.8 seconds. However, it’s the combination of the killer looks with a fabulous driving experience that make the Elise so desirable. What it lacks in raw numbers is more than compensated for by fabulous, safe handling and cornering in all conditions thanks to its strong feel and superb feedback from the manual 5 speed gearbox. The Elise packs plenty of punch at both low and high gear, and emits a satisfying grunt as you accelerate away.

The Elise S1 can really turn heads with its stunning visual impact, and the drive experience is a joy. The minimal instrument panel is well designed and adds to the feeling that this is a car to just jump into and get out onto the open road. If you’re seeking a car that will make a big statement about fun and enjoyment, the Elise S1 is the one for you.


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