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New Arrival – Aston Martin Rapide

New Arrival – Aston Martin Rapide

Bespokes are proud to announce the newest addition to our line-up of Aston Martin cars for hire – the Rapide. This vehicle, with its more spacious four door platform, is the perfect vehicle for satisfying the Aston Martin driving fantasy all while having the luxury of two rear seats.

Although it’s not the first four door car Aston Martin have produced, the Rapide is regarded by the company as their first ever four seat “sports car”, and should be considered as such.  Powered by a 5.9 liter V12 engine, the Rapide delivers when it comes to performance. The vehicle is propelled by this lovely sounding power plant to 60 miles per hour in just five seconds, and onto 100 miles in 11. Stopping in just 2.4 seconds from 60 miles per hour, this car is no slouch. Couple this with two, comfortable, and adult sized rear seats and you have the ultimate saloon. The Rapide does not lack in utility either. The rear seats may be folded down to form a large boot area, and given that the vehicle features a rear hatch, an impressive amount of cargo may be loaded inside.

Measuring just a foot longer than the DB9 in length, the Rapide carries the iconic lines of its two door siblings, and is an extraordinarily beautiful machine. The fine Aston Martin craftsmanship does not stop at the exterior of the vehicle, though. The interior, features fine leather, stainless steel accents and individually controlled air conditioning for passengers.

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